1.1 Different Coaching and Teaching style

Performance indicator

  • I am able to adapt my coaching/teaching method in order to keep students engaged and challenged

  • I am able to be flexible in using a new method to coach/teach

  • I am able to apply my theoretical knowledge in real life situations

Learning objective

  • I know the main coaching methods/styles (VET level)
  • I can apply main methods and ideas to be flexible in coaching

Activity 1

Self study theoretical text


Please read the available study text in the Wiki “Main coaching styles for coaching”

Please answer to the following questions:

  • What are some of main coaching methods?
  • What are the most appropriate types for coaching a VET student according to your experience?
  • What are its main characteristics?
  • How you could apply the GROW model to support your work as a VET coach

Self-evaluation method

  • Discuss with you colleagues the results and make a self-evaluation quiz as a test for the better understanding of the procedure.


This is an individual exercise. Quiz-Test for better understanding

Activity 2



Please write down one example from your experience as a coach where you have to change/adapt your teaching styles to better approach and guide your VET students/team.

Based on the available resources what were the techniques you used to achieve that?

Self-evaluation method

Self-evaluation of the coaching style: https://forms.gle/EbPTYCjUNw4nUAb19

Activity 3

Working group exercise


  1. Organize a group exercise with other coaches
  2. Think, discuss and record the main characteristics of a good coach
  3. Some attitudes that a coach working with VET students must avoid
  4. Collect and record all the answers
  5. Select the most representatives
  6. Conduct a list of DO and DON’T as a coach for VET students
  7. Share this within the group

Self-evaluation method

Compare your results with the available resources.


Activity 4 - Coaching scenario

Working group exercise


  1. Organize a group exercise
  2. Define roles of coach, team member, and observer
  3. Read the scenario – this scenario could be derived from real life situations of your experience

    Example: A VET student comes to you complaining of being put on a team where the other employees do not help them in case there is a question. He/She says: “If I have a question related to the work, Mr Smith is always very busy to answer”

  4. As the coach provide constructive and valuable feedback about the issues, as a team member, ask questions and share information, as observer, observe the interaction between the coach and the team member. Use the coaching feedback form.

Self-evaluation method

Compare your results with the available resources and complete the feedback form. Use this form: https://forms.gle/aTGAYedaV44NZZBx7



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