2 Workplace and education ethics

This competence area is important for every domain of working life.
It includes:

  • Integrity/Inclusivity: the ability to prevent disrespectful behavior in the working environment taking the appropriate measures, to ensure that everyone feels valued and importantly in the team and to value the opinions of others and strive to promote positive interactions that show demonstrate respect.
  • Responsibility: the ability to be responsible of all aspects of my job as a coach and to produce quality results in the workplace.
  • Tolerance/patience: the value to accept constructive criticism and I don’t take it personally and to know the value in learning experiences and work hard to achieve goals, even if they take longer.

This material is adapted to develop this competence area to be a successful coach. In the following parts you will learn about:

  • Types of disrespect at working environment and how to stop the cycle of disrespect.
  • To measure responsibility and tools to produce quality results in the workplace.
  • Activities to improve tolerance an patience.






Tolerance/ patience

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