3.1 Provide clear and constructive feedback

Performance indicator

  • I am aware of the value of regular feedback.
  • I am able to give feedback that is based on objective standards, is goal oriented and is geared towards positive action.
  • I am able to authentically communicate values and standards both orally and in writing.

Learning objective

  • I can give regular feedback to the students.
  • I know the objective standards and the goal of feedback,
  • I can authentically communicate with their values and standards oral and writing.

Activity 1 - Feedback, how to use it in practice and how to give feedback?


Please read the following “Manual: How to use Feedback”. which is structured into 2 parts:

a) general information (definition, steps for giving feedback, requirement for implementation of feedback, giving and receiving feedback) and

b) feedback in practice (how to organise feedback meeting, Feedback-form on Training Stage – Examples)

Self-evaluation method

  • Make a self-test quiz as a test for your understanding of feedback. This is an individual exercise.
  • Discuss with your colleagues, in your team the manual “how to use feedback”.

Activity 2 - Reflective analysation

Exercise with students


  1. Formulate feedback sentences for your students and formulate your answers.
  2. Try it out in the next meeting with the student.
  3. Read the open answers from the student and check if it is the feedback you expected.
  4. Discuss about their experience to give feedback.

Self-evaluation method


Activity 3 - Test the feedback in your team



  1. Build small groups with 2 people (one is the feedback giver – other is the feedback taker)
  2. The feedback taker formulates feedback sentences for open answers.
  3. The feedback giver answers the feedback sentences with open answers.
  4. Every group presents their formulated feedback.
  5. These feedbacks will be discussed in the whole group.
  6. If it is necessary repeat the test for feedback.

Self-evaluation method

Discussion  and self test quiz


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