4.2 Inspire, respect an loyalty

Performance indicator

– I am able to communicate with the team
– I am able to empower team members

Learning objective

  • The learner understands the methods of building team loyalty.
  • The learner recognize and applies the methods related to its own leading role.

Activity 1 - Leadership Tips for Building Strong Team Loyalty

Video study

What does suggestions are made in the video to build a strong sense of team loyalty? What situations and methods should be avoided so that the members of a group do not feel subordinate to others or feel ostracized from the group?

Watch the video and write about 150 words.

Study video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0MNzLO6yhE

Self-evaluation method

Choose two tips from the video and explain their purpose to your colleagues. Doing so demonstrates you understood the essence of the methods.

Activity 2 - Reflective analysation



Work together with your colleagues, in pairs or in a team of 4 people. Find examples in your practice when you use or could use the learned tips. Make a list and highlight the tips that could be easily applied.

1. Everything goes top down
2. Understand the „Why”
3. Speak up
4. Build a culture of We before Me
5. Have a mission
6. Be present
7. Treat everyone fairly
8. Real time feedback
9. Encourage always
10. Set high goals
11. Take accountability when you fall short
12. Don’t be afraid of loosing people

Self-evaluation method

Choose one method (tip) and try and test it within the team. The tips and methods can be used within the group of students and also within the team of colleagues.


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