5.1 Positive attitude at work

Performance indicator

  • I am able to approach others with a positive, goal-oriented attitude and model such an attitude. 
  • I am able to have a positive approach at work as a coach  

Learning objective

  • I can reframe challenging situations in a positive light
  • I can visualize positive outcomes
  • I know how to approach difficult situations in a positive manner
  • I can reframe failure as a learning experience

Activity 1 - Cognitive reappraisal exercise

Self-reflection and writing exercise

Cognitive reappraisal is the act of re-framing a situation to see it in a more positive light. You can practice cognitive reappraisal in a few different ways:

One is to watch a movie or TV show. Practice finding the good in difficult scenarios or think about the advice that you would give the characters to make themselves feel better.

Try to practice cognitive reappraisal in different situations in you daily life at least once each day, even if it is for insignificant events and situations by thinking about how difficult situations actually can have benefits or teach you important lessons.

Once you have practised this in your daily life with smaller events see if you can do the same in your workplace. Find one situation where you felt challenged or that didn’t have the outcome you had worked for. Write down all the aspects of the situation that could also be seen as an opportunity and/or write down what you have learned from the situation.

Self-evaluation method



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