5.2 Learning to learn

Performance indicator

  • In my teaching, I am open to learning and applying modern professional methods
  • I am able to develop skills and strategies for learning
  • I am able to control my own learning
  • I am able on and evaluating own learning

Learning objective

  • I can assess areas where I need to improve
  • I can set short and long-term learning goals for myself
  • I know how to structure a learning strategy
  • I can organize the implementation of a learning strategy

Activity 1

Study text and self-reflections

Read the following blog article “Developing an Effective Learning Strategy”
By Francis Marshall, July 2017:  https://www.global-learning-development.com/2017/07/25/developing-effective-learning-strategy/

Please consider the parameters presented and answer the following questions as best you can with pen and paper:

  1.  What are my learning goals? Where do I want to be in ten years as a coach? What is a good strategy for me to achieve them?
    For example, “My learning goal is to update my knowledge of adult learning methodologies. A good overall strategy is to follow one evening course every year and test one new methodology per semester”
  2.  What are the current needs, goals, priorities, and resource requirements in my workplace? Is my learning strategy covering these goals? How can I best cater to these needs as a coach?
  3. What do I consider the future of coaching? What do I think will be required of me in five and ten years from now? Does my learning strategy align with this future?
    E.g I believe that in five years most VET learning will take place online. Am I properly equipped to meet the requirements of online knowledge management systems?
  4. While reading the article, what are the elements that I feel most confident with?
  5. While reading the article, which areas do I think I need improvement in?
    Please skim through the article again and make a note of all these areas e.g. needs assessments, learning measurement etc.

Self-evaluation method



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