6.2 Humor

Performance indicator

  • I am able to incorporate humor in personal and real-life examples during training

Learning objective

  • To understand when it is appropriate and how to use humor to make internship more pleasant and easier to understand

Activity 1

Self study


Use of positive humor is associated with a higher level of intern satisfaction, whereas the use of negative humor has the opposite effect. (Sobral, 2016). Current information can help you to be able to use humor better while being connected to your interns to improve their overall experience during coaching.

Humor is very dependent on personality and not accepted the same way by everyone, therefore less – is more. It is okay to do jokes or tell stories but knowing boundaries is essential. Even if you are most serious person – acknowledging that something was funny, or a simple smile is enough. It is also important to know where to draw the line – whilst some humor is essential going overboard will influence success of both education and task completion. Providing real life examples – funny questions, situations and similar will help to ease the fear of interns and help them to open towards you. Telling interns personal mishappening at work will help interns to see you as equal and will especially help those with lower self-esteem not to be afraid to ask help when they need. Because it is better to ask a stupid question than to make a stupid mistake.

Study the theory of humor in the WIKI. 

Try it for your self in a real life situation.

Self-evaluation method

Reflect on the impact of your own actions. What was the effect of using humor?


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