6.2 Enthusiasm

Performance indicator

  • I am energetic, optimistic, prepared, willing to commit time

Learning objective

  • I find positive things in even smallest incidents and being proactive if I am qualified to do the task.

Activity 1

Self study


According to Tao (2023), the learning enthusiasm of students is related to their learning efficiency, their knowledge and skills mastery, and the formation and development of their good psychological quality and moral quality. Thus, not only by engaging the students/interns to be more enthusiastic can improve the overall experience but also by analysing your own flaws as tutor can help you to develop the necessary skill.


Study text

Enthusiasm is important trait to have. Interns learn by example and enthusiasm provides both a good example and creates good studying conditions. Enthusiasm is also a skill that can be “faked” – you do not have to be as enthusiastic about given topic as you “show to your student”. Act enthusiastic and it will tend to develop.

Practise being enthusiastic on simple things. The weather is good, the room is clean, the sunrise is amazing. Enthusiasm for simple things builds up to overall enthusiasm.

It is also important to be polite – simple thank you, please, could you and other phrases leave good impressions to the interns as well as create a good first impression of you as a friendly coach – who student can ask questions from without being scared.

It is easier to learn from enthusiastic and fun teacher than from monotone dialog or even worse monotone monolog. Enthusiasm can be shown by emphasizing important parts, your voice, your tone, and your body language.

Self-evaluation method

Use the rating scale proposed by Keller et.al (2013) to understand your own enthusiasm level.


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