6.5 Sincerity and honesty

Performance indicator

  • I take every question seriously and I don’t pretend to know the answer if I don’t.

Learning objective

  • I know when to be sincere and how to give honest answers in order not to compromise the relationship with the intern. I understand that there are no bad questions, and every question is important.

Activity 1

Self study


Sincerity brings trust in relationships. Which helps to decrease the tensions (if such occur) and improve the belief in the methods and plans the coach is using as well as treat every question as an important part of overall experience.

Study text

Pay attention to your own emotions: Once you listen to yourself you will be better prepared to listen to the others. Six basic emotions like sadness, happiness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust are universal and we all have experienced them. By knowing what the signs of these emotions are and how to control them you will not only be able to respond accordingly (read “honestly”) but also know what the intern’s needs are and how to respond to them.

Build a trust within the team. It is easier to share the feedback. Everyone likes a compliment but when using compliments try to be specific. Tell people that they were great in that task or their presentation was thrilling. Of course, sometimes it is easier said than done, especially for shy people or with the thoughts like “what if the person thinks I’m weird?”. In that case start small and it would be easier to give a general (non-specific) feedback or a compliment.

Self-evaluation method

  1. Work through: https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2020/5/honest-feedback-10-tips 27-04-23
  2. Select one feedback type that you’ll try to do more often.
  3. Reflect on the impact and ask others to reflect on it.


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