21cc Webapp

The 21cc project has developed a simple but functional Webapp which can be used by teachers, coaches and students for the assessment of  the 21st century skills. Are you interested? Just have look at the Instruction video below.

Beside the possibility to asses competence the Webapp also contains the templates to make agreements needed to guarantee the quality of an internship. The only thing you have to do is download the word files and fillling or altering the agreements so it will fit your specific situation and needs.  

1) Agreement between the school and the company.  Download MS word template or Download PDF format.

2) Agreement between school, company and student. Download MS word template or Download PDF format.

Entering 21CC WebApp

If your school is a member of the 21CC Consortium? You will get your account from the coordinator of your school.

If you are not a member contact info@learningtour.nl

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