5.3 Self-Motivational

5.3 Self-Motivational Performance indicator I am able to take an initiative, act and move forward in my work area I am able to starting tasks promptly and getting them done on time I am able to take initiative on new projects/goals that can benefit the business I am able to focus on work without getting […]

5.2 Learning to learn

5.2 Learning to learn Performance indicator In my teaching, I am open to learning and applying modern professional methods I am able to develop skills and strategies for learning I am able to control my own learning I am able on and evaluating own learning Learning objective I can assess areas where I need to […]

5.1 Positive attitude at work

5.1 Positive attitude at work Performance indicator I am able to approach others with a positive, goal-oriented attitude and model such an attitude.  I am able to have a positive approach at work as a coach   Learning objective I can reframe challenging situations in a positive light I can visualize positive outcomes I know how […]