6.5 Sincerity and honesty

6.5 Sincerity and honesty Performance indicator I take every question seriously and I don’t pretend to know the answer if I don’t. Learning objective I know when to be sincere and how to give honest answers in order not to compromise the relationship with the intern. I understand that there are no bad questions, and […]

6.3 Responsivenes

6.3 Responsiveness Performance indicator I am receptive to questions, and I am able to show prompt attentiveness when your peers ask you for something, even if that response is temporary. I am able to respond appropriately to questions and individual differences Learning objective To be able to be active while in discussion in order to […]

6.2 Humor

6.2 Humor Performance indicator I am able to incorporate humor in personal and real-life examples during training Learning objective To understand when it is appropriate and how to use humor to make internship more pleasant and easier to understand Activity 1 Self study Instructions Use of positive humor is associated with a higher level of […]

6.1 Adaptability

6.1 Adaptability Performance indicator I am able to plan and carry out routine daily tasks showing flexibility. I am able to adapt the way of thinking to new conditions if necessary. Learning objective I know how to adapt to the changing conditions during training, studies and work. Activity 1 Exercise Instructions Adaptability is essential skill […]

6.4 Enthusiasm

6.2 Enthusiasm Performance indicator I am energetic, optimistic, prepared, willing to commit time Learning objective I find positive things in even smallest incidents and being proactive if I am qualified to do the task. Activity 1 Self study Instructions According to Tao (2023), the learning enthusiasm of students is related to their learning efficiency, their […]