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The available learning material is provided in a flexible learning basis and aspires to the self-development of the coach. This means it is designed for self-study and helps you carefully plan your study. The estimated time of study is provided and some tips.

Study guidance

  • Try to complete the self-assessment tool to evaluate your competences
  • Try to plan an outline schedule of time (when?) and the place (where?) you will study.
  • Try to complete your work in an environment where you will be able to concentrate.
  • Set realistic goals and deadlines for the various elements of your course according to your needs
  • Plan what you are going to study, and try and achieve this each time.
  • After each session, reflect on what you have achieved and plan what you hope to complete next time.
  • Try to test the self-assessment methods are proposed in each entity

Enjoy the self-development process as a coach!!

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